Anaconda is considered the queen of the snake kingdom and is the largest snake on the planet. Unlike pythons and boas, they are more massive, although there is no particular difference in length. It is known that the anacondas are not poisonous, they strangle prey with the help of their powerful "embrace".

The average length of adults reaches 5 - 5.5 meters, and the average weight approximately reaches 95 kilograms. Anacondas live mainly in the rivers of tropical forests of the Amazon. They swim perfectly and are able to hold their breath for a long time. Anaconds are excellent hunters: they creep up to prey and suddenly attack it, biting and instinctively wrapping himself around the body of their prey rings. With his powerful muscles, Anaconda strangles and breaks the bones of the victim. Typically, the booty of anacondas become the animals that they are able to swallow: capybras, antelopes, monkeys, wild pigs, young crocodiles. Thanks to their jaws, which are able to open the mouth of all 180 degrees, the anaconda swallows animals thicker than itself. It happens that herself becomes a victim of large crocodiles, jaguars, and of course people. Noticing Jaguar in the forest, he tries to crawl. Prefers young jaguars and crocodiles. Rarely eats fish. The hunt for them is allowed in many countries of South America, because these animals are putting aside quite a few eggs and are not dying animals. In one clutch, you can count from 25 to 100 eggs! The cubs reach a length of 50 centimeters and after the birth they can independently move, swim and hunt for insects. But few live to an adult state, the cubs become victims of various predators. Sometimes these reptiles eat their own kind.

In the wedding season, these snakes gather and, like all snakes, wrap themselves with each other. Usually several males wrap up on one female. They are inferior in size to females. Pregnancy in females lasts 6 to 7 months. Anaconds spend a single lifestyle. The life expectancy of anaconda in captivity is more than 20 years, while in nature they rarely live up to 10.

Anacondas can also get into local villages, where they can attack poultry, small animals and even young children! Despite the scarcity of information about the attacks of this reptile on a person, they still pose a threat to health and life like other predators. But the Indians of South America love to hunt them. According to them, the anacondas meat is quite tasty and has a sweetish taste. The skin of the reptile is either handed over or various products are made from it.

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