Finding an Online Casino in the UK - Where Are They?

What is the difference between a UK casino and a non-UK based casino? Playing at non UK casinos not only means that you are playing in an online casino that is not licensed to operate in the UK, it also means that the UK gaming laws have not been followed. Online casinos are not governed by the same stringent measures as real casinos. Therefore, despite the fact that UK games companies have to adhere to strict licensing rules, they do not have to follow the same measures to ensure fair play. In the UK, all online gambling is subject to some form of regulation, however, the non-UK casinos are not subject to the same controls as UK based ones.

In the UK, gambling is regulated by the Gambling Act of 2021. This legislation states that all licensed UK casinos have to maintain a competent and effective self-exclusion policy. Self-exclusion means that the casino site restricts the amount of money that an individual player can gamble with from their account. As well as restricting the amount of money an individual player can spend, it also requires that the site allows individuals to gamble with their own money. All casinos that meet these guidelines are legally permitted to operate in the UK.

These licensed UK casinos are still subject to some regulation though. The Gambling Commission retains the power to disqualify unlicensed gambling sites from running a casino in the UK. This commission uses a system known as the Code of Practice to identify licensed and licensed venues in the UK. A site that meets the required criteria then requires to apply to the regulator for certification. Any approved casino that is approved by the Gambling Commission is legally permitted to operate in the UK.

Non UK Casino site

Non UK casinos that do not meet the above regulations are still able to operate if they provide a certain kind of welcome bonus to players. Welcome bonuses are bonuses given to customers in an effort to entice them to play more at the online casinos. While non-UK casinos may not offer the same welcome bonus as those provided by licensed casinos, they are still offered on a normal basis. Players who sign up at non-UK casinos should expect to receive welcome bonuses. They may be in the form of reduced vig on spins, or free spins in their wagering accounts.

As well as offering a welcome bonus, gambling sites that operate outside of the UK are expected to provide the same online gambling facilities to players from the UK. All UK gambling sites must take time to contact players via email and also provide them with a dedicated customer service desk. This allows players in the UK to register with a UK gambling site without any problems.

Online casinos that operate exclusively online can afford to offer players who register with them a variety of special features and free incentives in order to attract new players. In the UK, players are often offered free spins with every single bet they place, as well as reduced vig on all wagers made, free entry to promotional games and even a welcome bonus. All these special features and benefits are an attempt by the casino site to bring in players from the UK and other UK countries. These players may then be eligible for promotions that are based on their deposits and winnings from UK casinos.

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