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The main character of this Poki game, a witch named Eirudi, lives in the forest and makes dolls, but at the same time she herself is so similar to a cute doll with big purple eyes that I want to dress her up in different dresses and admire the costumes of a schoolgirl ... Well, in general, you get the idea why every fan of anime, chan and all this, which is not tolerated by the real stern macho, should get acquainted with  WitchSpring3 Re: Fine - The Story of Eirudy  - especially since it became the first Poki game in this fairly well-known series of Korean mobile RPGs, which visited PC.

The WitchSpring series, which has existed since 2015, currently has four parts (a total of six are planned). During this time, she gained many fans, awards and awards, including the third part, which really became the first in the series to be released outside of mobile platforms. First, an adapted version of WitchSpring3 Re: Fine - The Story of Eirudy visited the Switch, and now it has reached the PC.

At the same time, it is not necessary to know about the events of past issues - every time we play as a new witch, who, like the previous ones, is hiding from persecution and wants to make friends. The fact is that in the WitchSpring universe these charming creatures for some reason are persecuted and feared, and the Inquisition arranges a witch hunt. Although in fact these are not girls, but goddesses. In the literal sense - their magical powers are of a divine nature, and therefore people who know call them not witch, but deity, that is, "deity."

If anything, our heroine is on top, and below is Adrian, the second main character. Naturally, if she is a witch, then he is a man, the son of a lord who leads a witch hunt with the head of the Inquisition. And according to all the laws of the genre between them this is ... love, in general, should arise. But not at once. The above art demonstrates their first meeting, which happened under funny circumstances, and at first they became just friends, which is especially glad for Eirudi, who lives alone in the forest, surrounded by her dolls and grandmother.

She makes dolls so that they help her in everyday life and in battle. Eirudi has her first unsuccessful work on her head, which is called Failure (that is, Failure). She periodically mumbles something and asks to eat, which sometimes puts the hostess in an awkward position. And as an alarm signal, a rabbit doll is used, which, when approaching a people's house, should scream heart-rendingly. In general, there is a lot of cute and funny things here.

Their first meeting with Adrian, too, as I said, was under funny circumstances. And later Eirudi (by the way, it was he who gave her the name) constantly suspects the young man that he is a thief. This happens so often, and phrases like “Do you want to give me this jewel? You probably stole it? So you are a thief after all? " she says in such a surprised-languid Japanese girlish voice that you involuntarily start to smile. By the way, full voice acting in Japanese is one of the features of the PC edition.

And such a cute witch finds herself between two poles - some people hate her and want to catch her, others, on the contrary, appreciate, love and want to help. And somewhere nearby - a huge dragon, monsters, an evil inquisitor and the need to finally stop the witch hunt. And love, of course. Well, or friendship - find out for yourself. I will only say that the plot does not amaze, but catches - and the image of the main character here has great knowledge.

Although the script was not without questions. Well, why, one wonders, Eirudi, having escaped from the inquisitor, then herself goes to the place where he had recognized her last time and declared the presence of a "witch's spirit"? Naturally, she falls into a trap. What is it, love? After all, Adrian called her there.

There is a lot of alchemy in the gameplay of WitchSpring3 Re: Fine - The Story of Eirudy - in this sense, it resembles the Atelier series . The witch constantly collects something and cooks it according to recipes in her cauldron. And then again and again he collects or kills the same reborn monsters in order to get the necessary bone or iron of some local kikimora and, adding a little frightened Failure there (and there is nothing to fall from the head into the cauldron every time!), Cook something such. Not only consumables that restore health / mana or permanently increase characteristics, but also various spells. Yes, even magic is crafted here in the cauldron.

Then these "spells" need to be equipped through a special magic book as active ones, adding a supporting one to the main spell so that it enhances the effect or, for example, reduces the cost of using it.

But perhaps the most valuable thing that can be done in the cauldron with the help of the collected ingredients is to pump the soul stone. It is with his help that we revive and improve our dolls. He can also heal and resurrect in a fight. At first, the reserves of the stone are only enough to revive the simplest one - Emilia, who will simply heal the witch in battle.

Then, when we pump the stone, it will turn out to activate much cooler copies of assistants up to a huge golem. True, in total in the battle it is allowed to summon no more than three - some attack enemies, others increase our characteristics, and so on. There are also mountable dolls that automatically increase agility in battles.

In addition, Eirudi can train in five-day cycles - we assign what exactly she will do: athletics, magic, practicing sword strikes, crafting, and so on, watch the video and see a list of bonuses. The corresponding parameters are increased, new recipes, spells and combat techniques are opened, allowing, for example, to make four hits in a row.

In addition to the plot, there are side tasks, the completion of which in this chapter increases the effectiveness of this entire training process.

Played by WitchSpring3 Re: Fine - The Story of Eirudy is pleasant, despite the fact that the mobile origin of the project is still felt. Everything is classic - we collect leaves / berries, cook, complete quests, communicate, swing, explore the map, opening teleports between which you can quickly move (teleport home to the dolls is always available), but we fight. The battles here are close to the classics of turn-based Japanese RPGs, with the difference that Eirudi often acts alone, and you don't even have to choose the place where the summoned dolls will stand - they act on their own.

And all would be fine, but at some point, as some of our readers would say, I turn on the "classic Voloshin " - I simply lack a challenge. And this is not my quirk. Bonuses from consumables are applied to bonuses from training, and those bonuses from killing monsters (victories in battles often increase our parameters, combat skill or magic). Plus, the Poki game constantly determines what we often use - a sword or spells, and when the bowl is strongly outweighed in one direction or another, for this it gives another 18% to the damage from the corresponding procedures. And then there are amulets and dolls.

As a result, some monsters do not have time to walk around or understand what is happening in general. It becomes simply a pity for them. The most pumped-up bosses remain, and even they either die at the right moment in the plot at our hands, or are optional.

Once, for example, deviating from the plot route, I explored the dungeon and met a monster the size of a screen, or rather, first I saw his hand - and immediately decided, for all my coolness, not to get on the rampage.

That is, if you wish, you can find a worthy opponent, but there are few of them. But in general, the plot goes like clockwork. Thank God, the story itself is catchy, so you still go, hoping to find another formidable adversary.

At the moment, this dragon has more than 400 thousand health points, we have 160 with a penny (just, not thousands), so you should not even meddle with him.

Balance problems stem from the abundance of grinding opportunities and the largely cheating training system. If you do not abuse this, then even ordinary monsters will be able to resist you, especially at first. So I would still advise fans of anime RPGs to get acquainted with this series through WitchSpring3 Re: Fine - The Story of Eirudy. At least for the sake of art, history, charming characters and the voice of a cute witch.

Pros: fascinating story; charming and funny heroine; interesting findings in the gameplay, such as the system of animating and summoning dolls; gorgeous art and generally excellent work of artists; expressive Japanese voice acting; well-chosen and varied music.

Cons: the Poki game allows you to grow and swing almost uncontrollably even without participating in battles; there are not very logical moments in the plot; overloaded control and interface in places.

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